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A weaver sits  at her loom.  Her hands move with practiced precision, weaving each thread into a tapestry that tells a story. The flick of a hand, the curve of the back, all embody generations of skill and wisdom. The  knowledge is shared by women all over the world, a universal language of craft and creation. Each experience, each thread, adds to the rich tapestry of our being.

"Met het ambt komt het verstand" reflects a truth about human ingenuity that has gone unnoticed and unrecorded in history and that has become even more poignant in our digital age. It emphasizes the value of embodied knowledge—the wisdom gained through hands-on experience, which is crucial to our identity and self-understanding.

Let the saying remind us that true understanding comes from practical experience, not just theoretical knowledge. This hands-on wisdom shapes who we are and deepens our comprehension of the world around us.

Met Het Ambt Komt Het Verstand

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