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Music blasting through the speakers. Clothes in a pile on the ground.  The vanity is littered with make-up; lipsticks of rose-red, plum purple, and strawberry pink. 


For the 24th time, the angel changes her clothes, puts on her black leather boots, and straps on her wings; ready to face another day.  

The Angel

  • Style and sustainability in every stitch. huhh.. uses upcycled vintage clasps, locally sourced fabrics and hand painted textiles ensuring the highest quality in craftsmanship.


    Prices displayed on our website are starting prices. huhhh.. Bags are made to order and can be adjusted according to your wishes and vision.  Need a bag to fit all your essentials... and then some? We've got you covered!

    Creativity knows no bounds, and neither should your bag. 

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