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Click click click-clack click. The ticking of a keyboard increases with each passing moment, dancing to its maker’s frenzy. A pause. Then papers rustling on a messy desk. Callused hands pick up a pile. 


As his gold rimmed glasses reflect the computer’s green light, the inventor’s brows furrow. Books and blueprints are looked over, again and again. The mind bursts with ideas that the pen tries to keep with as notes are quickly jumbled down in a journal. 


With the scent of freshly brewed coffee rising from his cup, the ticking continues, when suddenly the door opens. A voice beckons ‘come, take a break. You’ve worked hard enough. ’

The Inventor

  • Style and sustainability in every stitch. huhh.. uses upcycled vintage clasps, locally sourced fabrics and hand painted textiles ensuring the highest quality in craftsmanship.


    Prices displayed on our website are starting prices. huhhh.. Bags are made to order and can be adjusted according to your wishes and vision.  Need a bag to fit all your essentials... and then some? We've got you covered!

    Creativity knows no bounds, and neither should your bag. 

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