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 Adoe! I exclaimed. Where did I leave it? Rummaging in my bag, I dug around the perfume, the receipts and phone. Then, I felt something, thin, square and flimsy. I pulled it out, a translucent magenta colored wrapper. For a second I got lost looking at it, taken back by a cherished memory. One of a common Tuesday, where the air was humming, vibrating even, with life.    


Nothing was out of place, yet everything feels shiny, special. The merchant put on his best jacket, the lady from the fabric store did her hair and put on her finest batik, a gift from her fatherland. Bags full, I was walking on golden cobblestones, when I came across it. 


The store was milky white, embellished and adorned with decorative swirls and bows. Through the window could be seen, an army, white clad workers in the kitchen. And next to it an automat of chocolate confectionary. The door opened as a worker with a tray came rushing out, and with him came the most inviting scent. Is this what the chocolates taste like? Unable to fight the curiosity, I reached out and picked a single bonbon. Smooth and buttery, it reminded me of a chestnut, a harbinger of autumnal days to come. One bite and I was intrigued. It was less sweet than I expected. Two bites and I was enamored. Decadent and rich, the taste of chocolate was accompanied by nutmeg and some fruit. Cranberry? Ginger? With the final bite I knew I would keep coming back to this store, to this moment

The storyteller

Made to order
  • Style and sustainability in every stitch. Huhh.. uses upcycled vintage clasps, locally sourced fabrics and hand painted textiles ensuring the highest quality in craftsmanship.

    Prices displayed on our website are starting prices. huhhh.. Bags are made to order and can be adjusted according to your wishes and vision.  Need a bag to fit all your essentials... and then some? We've got you covered!

    Creativity knows no bounds, and neither should your bag. 

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