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Marginalia is a collection of photo and mirror frames that delve into the experiences of existing within borders. It explores the process of creating and navigating spaces where one belongs. The collection comprises six frames, describing the experiences of practitioners of living heritage. Each explores a distinct facet of what it means to reside within a border. The borders do not represent isolated spaces. Rather, these spaces coexist and intertwine with one another. They weave a comprehensive narrative of resilience and rooting oneself wherever you are. Marginalia celebrates the power of shared experiences to forge connections and nurture kinship among seemingly disparate groups. It aims to contest the narrative of “us vs them” and instead embraces an “us and us” narrative.

"At That Time, I Didn’t Know, But Our Culture Had An Attraction To Me That Was Becoming Stronger And Stronger"

 ‘‘SHould I Let THe outside world influence my choices? Or am I willing to get to know myself AND embark on THat Journey inwards? ’’

‘‘And He Has Taught Me This So That I Could Bring It Back To My People. So That It Is Alive Again And Thriving’’

‘‘We Become Stronger Together . So It’s No Longer Just My Story All The Time. But We Gradually Grow.’’

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